Thursday, September 8, 2016

Where did August go?

The month of August really flew by! I can't believe it is already September! Here are a few highlights from the month...

The peppers in the garden are doing awesome!

Katie came back for a weekend to visit!! I loved getting to spend some time with her! 

We have been hanging out with our friends Peyton and Kevin a lot. They are chill like us and we enjoy out conversations with them, no matter how ridiculous they get! Here we are at Harvest house with them (not pictured haha)

Rhett and I went out on a date night to Midway Craft House for some live jazz music. It was great and the brews were good, the later bands however, were not my style.. head banging and all.. nope.

We went out to Sanger to get pictures of Robin's horse, Ryder. She wants a picture of him for the dining room. Hopefully I got some she will like and use.

I finally shaped up the corner of the living room. It is my favorite area in there now.

I finally finished and hung up my weaving that I have been working on and off for, for about a year now. I love how it turned out! it is about 22" wide and 36" tall

Brady and his girlfriend came out to Denton and met us and Peyton and Kevin for the night to see a show at Dan's Silverleaf. We had a great time!

I played in a charity volleyball tournament with some old and new friends! We made the playoffs and lost, but we had a great time! our team name: Team Strangers

On August 29th we celebrated my Granny's birthday. She would have been 102! She was the most selfless and kind lady. She would also make you laugh, put you in line and make you yummy cornbread! She loved drinking Coke and eating those orange slice candies. She had two coin phrases that I remember "give me some sugar" (kisses) and "oh murder" haha. I loved that Granny of mine!

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