Thursday, September 8, 2016

Labor Day

This labor day weekend was fun and productive! We worked in the yard, cleaned the garage, had a picnic on the square, went fishing on the lake, drove to Oklahoma to have dinner Linda, Richard and my parents and hung out in a pool!

My Spider lilies bloomed on Saturday! they are so pretty. They only bloom once a year for a day or two, and we were home this year to see them!

We had a picnic on the square with Peyton and Kevin. They brought their dogs, Dalton and Charlie!

 Out fishing on Lake Ray Roberts with Ricky. The sun felt nice!

While Rhett was golfing on Monday, I took the dogs for a ride and walk/run at Bowling Green park. They loved it and were exhausted afterwards! 

Where did August go?

The month of August really flew by! I can't believe it is already September! Here are a few highlights from the month...

The peppers in the garden are doing awesome!

Katie came back for a weekend to visit!! I loved getting to spend some time with her! 

We have been hanging out with our friends Peyton and Kevin a lot. They are chill like us and we enjoy out conversations with them, no matter how ridiculous they get! Here we are at Harvest house with them (not pictured haha)

Rhett and I went out on a date night to Midway Craft House for some live jazz music. It was great and the brews were good, the later bands however, were not my style.. head banging and all.. nope.

We went out to Sanger to get pictures of Robin's horse, Ryder. She wants a picture of him for the dining room. Hopefully I got some she will like and use.

I finally shaped up the corner of the living room. It is my favorite area in there now.

I finally finished and hung up my weaving that I have been working on and off for, for about a year now. I love how it turned out! it is about 22" wide and 36" tall

Brady and his girlfriend came out to Denton and met us and Peyton and Kevin for the night to see a show at Dan's Silverleaf. We had a great time!

I played in a charity volleyball tournament with some old and new friends! We made the playoffs and lost, but we had a great time! our team name: Team Strangers

On August 29th we celebrated my Granny's birthday. She would have been 102! She was the most selfless and kind lady. She would also make you laugh, put you in line and make you yummy cornbread! She loved drinking Coke and eating those orange slice candies. She had two coin phrases that I remember "give me some sugar" (kisses) and "oh murder" haha. I loved that Granny of mine!

The rest of July...

This summer has been very different from others. First of all everyone is moving away... our friends Caitie and Michael moved to Portland, my sister Katie moved to Nacogdoches for grad school and our friends Marilyn & Erik told us they were buying a fifth wheel and getting out of dodge. and that was all just in July!

The garden has been producing like crazy! Here are some onions (red, yellow and white) russet and yukon gold potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, banana peppers and jalapenos!

We road bikes one day with Michael and Caitie before the left town. We got rained in to Oak Street.. not a bad place to wait out a storm! 

Katie wanted to eat at Thai Square before she left town. It was really yummy, as always! 

 This was at Caitie and Michael's going away party at East side. and also the Saturday after Marilyn spilled the beans about moving away, I'm smiling, but I was super sad this night with everything going on.

Sending off Caitie with our last happy hour at Eastside.

Rhett and I biked to Mr Chopsticks for dinner one night when we had a cool front. It was lovely. I love spending time with him! 

 Since the weather was nice, we picked up a couple rounds of golf throughout the month also!

4th of July

July 4th was fun this year! we went out to Bill's place in East Texas for the annual fish fry. then the day of, we went to caitie's for a pool party. i made "boozecicles" and homemade butternut squash hummus with garden squash they were both really goooood!

6th Anniversary

We had our sixth wedding anniversary on June 26th. I cannot believe it has been 6 years! wow! we celebrated the day of with brunch at 940's lunch at Greenhouse and dinner at Barley & Board.

For our anniversary present we took a trip to Denver and stayed with at a Hotel that my friend Alyssa works at! We had a great time! We went on a high at Red Rocks then hung out downtown for dinner and strolled the streets the next day, just wandering around and eating and drinking our way thru Denver! 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lake Somerville...

For Labor Day this year we made the trek down to Lake Somerville to camp out with friends and Rhett's family. We arrived Friday afternoon and set up camp! We stayed 3 nights and I think that was plenty. It was a warm weekend but great memories were made!

The dogs were a little cramped since the jeep was packed full! At least it was only for 5 hours.
I rode in the back with the boys.. Brady was shotgun while Rhett drove.                                     
 The dogs loved getting in the lake! Denver didn't get to experience it since just had his surgery. 
Ricky and Robin brought their boat! It was great getting back on the lake with everyone!
Here are the pups holding down the fort! 
We also played bag toss and monkey nuts! Even in the dark...
Day two was fun! We learned to wake surf and got more sun! 
Rhett was awesome of course...
 I on the other hand struggled a little, but managed to get up and over the wake!
  Here is Erik skiing for the first time! He did great! 
Everyone had fun with all the water sports!
The sunsets every night were incredible! 
It was a great weekend and I look forward to next year!