Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lake Somerville...

For Labor Day this year we made the trek down to Lake Somerville to camp out with friends and Rhett's family. We arrived Friday afternoon and set up camp! We stayed 3 nights and I think that was plenty. It was a warm weekend but great memories were made!

The dogs were a little cramped since the jeep was packed full! At least it was only for 5 hours.
I rode in the back with the boys.. Brady was shotgun while Rhett drove.                                     
 The dogs loved getting in the lake! Denver didn't get to experience it since just had his surgery. 
Ricky and Robin brought their boat! It was great getting back on the lake with everyone!
Here are the pups holding down the fort! 
We also played bag toss and monkey nuts! Even in the dark...
Day two was fun! We learned to wake surf and got more sun! 
Rhett was awesome of course...
 I on the other hand struggled a little, but managed to get up and over the wake!
  Here is Erik skiing for the first time! He did great! 
Everyone had fun with all the water sports!
The sunsets every night were incredible! 
It was a great weekend and I look forward to next year! 


Well we took the plunge and got Dukie Bear a playmate! We adopted him from the shelter here in Denton... They said he was a lab/hound mix, however after further research turns out he is a labradane! Of course. But who could resist this cute little (for now) face! 

I think he and Duke are getting along great! They play all day and cuddle at night!

I am interested to see how big Denver gets...