Thursday, September 8, 2016

The rest of July...

This summer has been very different from others. First of all everyone is moving away... our friends Caitie and Michael moved to Portland, my sister Katie moved to Nacogdoches for grad school and our friends Marilyn & Erik told us they were buying a fifth wheel and getting out of dodge. and that was all just in July!

The garden has been producing like crazy! Here are some onions (red, yellow and white) russet and yukon gold potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, banana peppers and jalapenos!

We road bikes one day with Michael and Caitie before the left town. We got rained in to Oak Street.. not a bad place to wait out a storm! 

Katie wanted to eat at Thai Square before she left town. It was really yummy, as always! 

 This was at Caitie and Michael's going away party at East side. and also the Saturday after Marilyn spilled the beans about moving away, I'm smiling, but I was super sad this night with everything going on.

Sending off Caitie with our last happy hour at Eastside.

Rhett and I biked to Mr Chopsticks for dinner one night when we had a cool front. It was lovely. I love spending time with him! 

 Since the weather was nice, we picked up a couple rounds of golf throughout the month also!

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